Trip Report – Dragons Teeth Series

The Dragons Teeth Series is a circular walk starting at Tadmarton in Oxfordshire and consists of 12 caches including a bonus. It is a trail of around 5 miles across open countryside and includes a 1 mile country road section. The first 1.5 miles of the trail took was through cattle country which we weren’t aware of from the cache descriptions, so it may be something you want to consider if you have a dog with you or you don’t like cows.

Cattle Country

The trail took us along some muddy footpaths and across country and I was glad to have been wearing my boots which were essential today. The cache owner made it quite clear that there is a road section of about 1 mile but it is generally straight and we walked on the right side and jumped on the verge when we saw a car. There were a few caches along this section but all were in safe places and there were some nice views along this bit too.

Fine country views

Once past off the road section we were back into the countryside and on the final section of the trail. From this point on there were no more cows, however we did meet a friendly horse and when we approached the lake a Heron took off.

Friendly Horse

We liked the way the bonus clues were collected and found the “Dragons Hoard“, a nice big cache, without any problems.

You can see the route we took below, hover over the map then click play to see more pictures.

Dragons Teeth Series
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