Trip Report – My Ampshire

Simply Ampshire is a 10.5 miles circular series of 24 caches, there were also a 2 other caches along the route plus around half a dozen that we could have also found with short detours.  As the weather wasn’t so good when we walked the trail, we chose only to include the ABC caches which is a small series of three traditional caches and a bonus, although I suspect most people will need work out the co-ordinates for the bonus at home. I fully recommend that you include the three traditional caches on your trip especially Bravo which received one of my favourite points.

Simply Ampshire - view

I always love the Hampshire countryside and this trail did not disappoint. We started from the small village of Cheriton, parking by the war memorial and then heading up a small hill to reach the first cache. As the weather wasn’t being particularly kind for walkers, once we got into the trail there were very few muggles around but by the time we reached number 2 we were already enjoying the countryside views despite the grey clouds. Even though there had been plenty of rain around this week, the byways were in pretty good condition, but I was glad to have been wearing proper walking boots and gaiters and my trusty walking pole was there in case of any slips! The trail took us across by-ways and footpaths and the occasional road, there was only one bit of road that we had to take particular care on and it wasn’t for very long. When the wind got up in the open countryside sections it was a bit chilly, but it usually wasn’t very long before we were back to the relative shelter of trees.

Simply Ampshire No.5

When I was planning the route, I couldn’t see from the map where we would be able to pick up the trail for the ABC series of caches, but it soon became clear when we were on the walk. The ABC series in situated in a woodland area just before the the Arlesford golf course. This is where we came across most of the muggles and it seemed a popular place for local dog walkers – I’m glad we didn’t miss these out though.

After the ABC series we had to walk across the golf course a couple of times, which was quite windy being on the top of Tichborne down, no incidents with golf balls to report but dogs do need to be on leads here.

St Andrew's at Tichborne

The trail took us along Wayfarer’s Way and through Tichborne Park and then through the village of Tichborne where we passed by St Andrew’s church, a Grade I listed building that was founded in the mid 11th Century.  After a short walk along the King’s Way we passed Fulley Wood where a shoot was taking place so we were pleased when we moved out of the area. The final leg of our trail took us on short hill climb to the top of Grander Down where we enjoyed some far reaching views and then a gentle descent back to the village of Cheriton.

Simply Ampshire
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