Trip Report for Hampstead Norreys Heights

It was late afternoon on Saturday when we started the Hampstead Norreys Heights Trail from the middle of the village. We parked near the White Hart Pub close to the footpath leading up the steps and then a hill. After this the walk was fairly flat and easy going. It was a bit windy in parts particularly around the airstrip. The walk was mainly across open flat countryside with a small section through a small wooded area where we came across an old bunker, we presumed to be from WWII era as a little way along there was a pill box. There were no planes flying from the airstrip but we were able to look at a few of the light planes that were undercover alongside it. A nice series of easy to find caches and there is a bonus cache at the end which we found by collecting clues on the way around. See the route and my pictures at

Hampstead Norreys Heights
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