A Touch of C.L.a.S.S for County Durham

Us 4 and Jess have released a new (Premium Member) drive-by series for the North East made up of 100 caches of varying sizes from nano’s to ammo cans.  This series has been nicknamed “C.L.a.S.S” which stands for Country Lanes and Super Scenery. Us 4 and Jess take us on a tour of some of it. The caches are conveniently numbered 1 – 100 to help guide you around the route.  The distances range from drive-bys to short walks, I’ve plotted the route in Google Earth and estimate it to be about 60 miles from start to finish, it even goes near a place called Muggleswick!. Cache 100 is the bonus for the series and you collect parts of the co-ordinates on the way around. Looks an exciting new series for those who like to go by bike or car.  Check out the route I plotted on www.gobreadcrumbs.com. The first Cache is GC2HGVM.