New Trails w/e 26th December 2010

With most of the country knee deep in snow and Christmas fast approaching, I guess that it is no surprise that there were only a few new trails published last week.  These are the ones that I spotted.

GC2KJ64 Chebsey Circular

GC2KN2K Hammerfield by Ash’s Cachers (9 caches)
GC25PPY Lufbra Uni by PlasmaWave (6 caches)
GC2KJ64 Chebsey Circular by PSPCachers&Addfoster (20 caches)
GC2KF3H High Hoylands Hike by simwil and Baccam (9 caches)
GC2KAGT Redmayne Ramble by Ragnar Swift Sword (7 caches)