website upgrade

Today has completed a major upgrade to it’s site and have introduced some amazing new features including Favourites, Speedy Mapping , Geocaching Statistics and a new look Forum.

The first of the additions is the introduction of favourites. Geocachers will earn 1 favourite point for every 10 caches found which can then be used to favourite an exceptional cache in your finds history.

Released in Beta only at the moment is a new mapping tool which removes the 500 limit and now provides unlimited mapping of caches anywhere in the world.  Caches are also displayed almost instantaneously too.  I will update the trail map to link to the new beta maps in due course. It is only in beta at the moment as not all the features are ready yet, but Groundspeak are planning to include features already present in maps such as filtering by cache type and Pocket Query integration, although you may have to be a premium member to benefit.  Some new features will be following on soon such as Trackable Support and Geocaching Social, both sound intriguing.

Your Geocaching Stats are also generated automatically in this software release, it sounds like there is more to come on this front and you may also need to be a Premium Member to see beyond the basics.

The other change has been made to the Forums where a complete overhaul and revamp has taken place and I have to say I like it and wonder how long it will be before the rest of the site gets a lick of the same paint? The Forums appeared to work much faster and appear a lot easier to read when I visited them today.  I even managed to search the word “map” which previously would have been impossible as any word less than 4 letters was unsearchable. One thing that I have noticed is that the RSS feeds have changed so you may need to resubscribe to the new ones if you use a feed reader.  You can find out more from this link in the new forum my first impressions of the changes are very positive, no doubt we will see a few bugs but reading the forums the Groundspeak Lackey’s are jumping straight onto them. Great job Groundspeak!